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Welcome to Paruresis Cure

Shy Bladder Syndrome TreatmentsWikiPedia – “Paruresis is a type of phobia in which the sufferer is unable to urinate in the real or imaginary presence of others, such as in a public restroom”

Paruresis, pronounced like PAR YUR REE SIS, is commonly known as shy bladder syndrome, bashful bladder, public piss problem (ppp), slow dribbles, and pee phobia. Its a very common problem with men, but many women experience similar issues.

The very thought of not being able to urinate in public doesn’t instantly sound overly bad or annoying but trust me, it is! Just ask anybody that experiences shy bladder problems and they will tell you it can be devastating mentally and physically.

It’s not only mentally frustrating knowing you have to urinate and just simply cannot, but it can also be damaging your kidneys by not urinating at the proper time.

For years there really hasn’t been too many cures or fixes for shy bladder syndrome and there definitely is no magic pill to get from your doctor. That’s why I created this site for people battling Paruresis just like I did for many years, and try to help you find a solution on how to cure a shy bladder. I have some very useful information laid out here on the blog and I try to update it regularly. Please see my product reviews that contain the most useful information for curing Paruresis and they go a lot more in depth that I could ever do on here. Also please follow us on Twitter and if you have comments or concerns feel free to drop us a line. Thanks, Steve P.