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My Thoughts On Curing Shy Bladder Syndrome


People who have never been affected by shy bladder syndrome can’t understand what it’s like. I remember reading an article about paruresis on a popular online news site. The article was pretty straightforward, detailing one man and his struggles with peeing in public. The comments following the story were brutal. About three-quarters of them were from people making fun of those who struggle with shy bladder. It’s funny, because having a shy bladder doesn’t mean you are any less of a man or woman. Among other things, it means you have a strong fight or flight response. Your mind and body are unconsciously looking out for threats, and that causes your body to tense up and makes it almost impossible to pee comfortably.

Facts Aren’t Enough To Cure Paruresis

Unfortunately, knowing all the facts about paruresis does not necessarily mean you will know how to overcome shy bladder syndrome. You may know how many people it affects, and you might know that it’s a psychological disorder. But knowing all that won’t help you fix it.

Paruresis can be debilitating. Because after awhile, it starts to take over your life. The running around and trying to hide your condition from others gets exhausting. We’ve all been there; finding quiet bathrooms, listening for people who might be walking in, and the shame of being unable to void your bladder when someone disturbs you. The discomfort from having to deal with a full bladder. Many of us afflicted by this condition can’t travel for long distances. Some have it so bad they can’t even use the bathroom in their own house if someone else is present. You get sick of it. It seems like such a simple thing to fix, until you are once again stuck in that high-pressure situation, unable to void.

I bought expensive hypnosis downloads. Hypnosis never worked for me. I didn’t find any of them useful at all. Out in the real world I would try and use the bathroom in public after I hypnosis session and I would fail miserably.

But I’m a stubborn person. I wanted a solution. I needed a 100% failsafe cure that would work anytime, any place. I kept hunting online.  Eventually I found what I was looking for. The solution to my problems. I learned the breath-hold technique and combined it with techniques from the Paruresis Treatment System.

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