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We get a lot of e-mails including success stories and testimonials from the people we have helped and this guy has to be one of our favorites! He asked us quite a few questions before buying the Paruresis Treatment System and mostly wanted to know if the information would be re-hashed junk easily found on the internet. We explained how the methods taught in PTS are unique and work for everybody and urged him to purchase it. Well, he did it!! He took that much needed step and purchased the system and he has been writing us ever since, asking us how he can help get the word out about the treatment system that changed his life. We told him to make us a short video testimonial and we would feature it on our site and here he is!

***(If he appears animated or overly excited it’s because HE IS EXCITED! He cured his shy bladder for good!)***

*** Change Your Life! Buy The Paruresis Treatment System Now – Like he said^^^^!!!

kevin testimony


Your ebook, Bashful Bladder,  offers good advice and information on Paruresis. It's very practical and I think it will be of great help to many people.  Kudos to the author! This really works! Surpassed my expectations!

Kevin W. April 6, 2015

tyler testimonial

Blown Away!

Completely blown away with the results! I have spent the past 4 months researching Paruresis cures and this is the only one that actually works! Excellent source of information and it can work for anyone! I no longer have to deal with the shame and embarrassment of a shy bladder and I feel absolutely amazing! Huge eye opener for me! I certainly recommend the TBBS (Bashful Bladder System) to anyone living with Paruresis!

Tyler T. April 6, 2015


Awesome Results!

Unbelievable results! I've been dealing with Paruresis for the past 10 years of my life and this is the first time I've gotten relief! The information was extremely helpful and really easy to apply. Plus, I was able to see positive results right away. This has lifted such a huge burden off of me and made me feel so much more confident again! Highly recommended! I chose your top rated ebook, Bashful Bladder Cure System.

Kyle W. April 6, 2015

andy testimonial

I Pee Anywhere I Want Now!

I have suffered silently for years. This excellent ebook - Bashful Bladder System - is nothing short of amazing! The methods discussed are easy to follow and very effective.  If you suffer from a shy bladder and you're reading this now, let me say that you owe it to yourself to get this ebook now. You'll only be kicking yourself if you miss this!

Andy D. April 6, 2015

sarah testimonial

Happy Customer

A good friend of mind referred me to this website and I'm so happy I decided to check it out. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but all the tips and tricks started working immediately. I'm completely back to normal and it's almost like I never had Paruresis to begin with! Thank you guys for all the great information!! Awesome job! The Bashfull Bladder System is the one that worked for me.

Sarah P. April 6, 2015

jd testimony


How I wish I had found your ebook sooner. Within a short period of time, I have learnt so much about this condition. I have begun to put into practice your techniques and I'm seeing my symptoms easing. No more of the usual stress and anxiety. I highly recommend your ebook, The Bashful Bladder System.

Jake D. April 6, 2015

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